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#4: EPIC FAIR'19
@Kültürpark, ızmır 20.04.19 

Epic Fair happened last time in iconic venues of İzmir Kübana Gazinosu and Ada Gazinosu before they demolished by the government. Epic Fair created memory in city history by inspiring other initiatives about Kültürpark and its value. 


In the 4th issue of the festival there are many emerging and well know the band from abroad and also from the local scene.

#3: EPIC FAIR'18

@Kültürpark, ızmır 21.04.18 

The unique independent music festival Epic Fair was organized 3rd time by Pübliko. For the first time for the festival,

Epic Fair hosted bands from abroad such as Afro-beat legend Orlando Julius & The Heliocentrics, psych explorers Flamingods from England and post-punk band Viagra Boys from Sweden. There were bands from Turkish scene, too such as Gaye Su Akyol, Jakuzi İlhan Erşahin & Oceanvs Orientalis and many more. 

#2: EPIC FAIR'17


The unique independent music festival Epic Fair was organized 2nd time by Pübliko and Apeiron Collective again. With its unique atmosphere and music in Kültürpark, Kübana Gazinosu on Saturday, April 8th.

#1: EPIC FAIR'16


Epic Fair is the first alternative music festival series in Izmir hosted by Pübliko & Apeiron Collective annually.

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