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#4: EPIC FAIR'19

@Kulturpark, ızmir 20.04.19 

Epic Fair happened last time in the iconic venues of İzmir Kübana Gazinosu and Ada Gazinosu before they were demolished by the government. Epic Fair created memory in city history by inspiring other initiatives about Kültürpark and its value. 


In the 4th issue of the festival, there are many emerging and well-known bands from abroad and also from the local scene.

Togo-France-based afro-funk band Vaudou Game made one of the best performances in the festival's history! English post-punk band HMLTD hit the Kübana Venue with their floating music between post-punk, 80's new wave, and electronic. 


There were two Israeli bands psych-rock band Ouzo Bazooka and electronic music trio Shame On Us. 


Progressive-rock legends Nekropsi, techno-folk trio İnsanlar, indie rock band Gözyaşı Çetesi and Hedonutopia, electronic music trio Islandman, the promising musician for the synth-pop scene of Turkey; Brek performed, too. 


DJs were also worthy of note. King of the DJs in Turkey Barıs K, Israeli DJs Naduve and Alek Lee, consistent music initiative Undomondo played on various stages all day long. 

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