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Circular is a festival practice that brings together creativity, sustainability, and entertainment. As a
the pioneering and immersive event, it aims to bring new awareness to the entertainment industry by
championing circular economy principles.


Circular raises awareness with panels, workshops, exhibitions, designer markets and screenings on the subject; it transforms the festival into a practice for the participants with the choices it makes in many areas such as stage shows, food and beverage choices, energy use, waste and recycling.

The first trials of Circular were held under the name Publik Park with 4 events before the pandemic.

#4: publik park'19

@Kulturpark, ızmir 21.09.19 

Publik Park took place for the 4th time in Kültürpark again this time in iconic venue Ada Gazinosu. Visitors shop from 20 independent designers, collectors, and studios. They joined talks and workshops all day long. There were beer taste events and sponsors' workshops. 

Publik Park hosted best promising alternative & electronic music bands such as Palmiyeler, Gülinler, Allen Hulsey & Headwaters musicians from Turkey. Damla Tek, Doga Gez & Analog played their DJ sets all day long. 

#3: publik park'18

@Kulturpark, ızmir 06.10.18 

Publik Park took place for the 3rd time in Kültürpark again this time in Tennis Club Garden. Visitors shop from 20 independent designers, collectors, comic stores, studios and publishing house. They joined talks and workshops all day long. There was a graffiti performance and sponsors' workshops. 

Publik Park changed its music scene with this issue and host young and promised musicians from Turkey. Soul-Pop band Ati ve Aşk Üçgeni gave the only one concert of the event. Ozoyo and Kerem Akdağ performed with their live shows. Eren Eren, Emre Can Swim and Vantilatör played their vinyls all day long. 

#2: publik park'17

@Kulturpark, ızmir 13.05.17 

Publik Park took place for the 2nd time in Kültürpark again in legendary open air night club of the city Kubana Gazinosu. Visitors shop from mini selection of Publik Market tasted from street food stands  and they joined yoga and drawing workshops all day long.  

Publik Park's music scene was full of live performance. Festival hosted potential young star of London Nilüfer Yanya, electronic music duo No Regular Play and electronic music collective based Berlin & Peru Feathered Sun & Armenian Grammy Award winning musician Arto Tunçboyacıyan. Kaan Düzarat, Eren Eren & Club Bangkok played their vinyls all day long. 

#1: publik park'16

@Kulturpark, ızmir 14.05.16 

Publik Park (changed its name from Randevu after 1st edition ) is the first boutique festival in Izmir.

It has brought music, fashion, design, gastronomy, workshops and magazine together in unique venue, Kübana Gazinosu in Izmir. Monolink, Kalabrese, DJ. Fitz, Kabus Kerim, Kaan Düzarat and many more performed. 14 designers’ pop-up stores, local foods and indie magazine Bant Mag. and workshops created a memorable day for Izmir.

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