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Digital Cultures Festival 

digital cultures festıval @Hangoutpsm, ızmır 18.11.2021

For the last five years, the "Novembre Numerique" events, presented by the Institut français in 70 countries and 100 different cities, will be held in Izmir under the title of "Digital Cultures Festival" for the first time.

Digital Cultures Festival which offers content such as technology, digital art, and electronic music happened in Turkey for the first time with the Publiko organization and Institut français İzmir, Kendi Has, and Hangout PSM's support. 


The guest of the event from France was Romane Santarelli, who completed the summer of 2021 with a European tour and gave her first performance in Turkey, while the other guests of the evening were the synth-pop band Jakuzi and the electronic-psychedelic band Lalalar.

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