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Digital Cultures Festival 

Celebrated in 70 countries and more than 100 cities, the Digital Cultures Festival is organized by Publiko in Turkey. The festival brings together digital-based music, digital visual arts, technology, and innovation. 

Technology meets creativity.

Bringing together industry pioneers, artists, and technology producers in the ever-evolving digital world, the Digital Cultures Festival aims to explore, interact and inspire enthusiasts.


The festival, which connects technology and culture with content such as digital music, visual arts, and artificial intelligence, aims to improve accessibility, diversity, and inclusion.


The festival, which includes new talents in its selection, provides new areas of visibility for artists. Aiming to expand the exchange of information and create an ecosystem where sector producers will communicate and share.


People who embrace the concepts of collective production, global sharing, and decentralization; who do not discriminate between religion, language, or race; who respect all kinds of appearance and gender; and who are sensitive to the environment are the main audience of the festival.

digital cultures festıval III
@Müze Gazhane, Istanbul, @hayal kahvesi, diyarbakır
@rast beer garden, ızmır, @No. 57, Izmir

Digital Cultures Festival took place in its 3rd year with 5 events in 3 different cities. 


Parisian electronic-live duo Walter Astral met with music lovers in Diyarbakır, Istanbul, and Izmir, while French-Algerian electronic music producer Kabylie Minogue took the stage in Izmir.  


Yiğit Boyunağa and Simulation, a joint Izmir-Istanbul project, took the stage in Istanbul. Istanbul-based digital art studio Motus Lumina took on the visual performances of the festival with live visual performances on two nights. 


22.11 - Hayal Kahvesi, Diyarbakır: Walter Astral (Live)

23.11 - Museum Gazhane, Istanbul - Yerin Altında: Walter Astral, FR (Live)

24.11 - Rast, Izmir: Walter Astral, FR (Live)

25.11 - No.57, Izmir - Audio + Visual Experience: Kabylie Minogue, FR-DZ (DJ set) + Motus Lumina (Visuals)

28.11 - Müze Gazhane, Istanbul - Endüstrimantal - Audio + Visual Experience: Yiğit Boyunağa & Simülasyon (Live) + Motus Lumina (Visuals)

digital cultures festıval II
@hangout psm, Izmır

Digital Cultures Festival took place at Hangout PSM on Saturday, November 26th with guests from abroad in its 2nd year. 

Istanbul Ghetto Club, which was born in Berlin's underground culture and turned into a global trendsetter, gave its first performance in the country with its audio and visual performance, Mula, who blends afro-house, techno, and downtempo elements in his productions, attracted attention with the EPs he released from Sol Selectas, which includes names such as Be Svendsen, Nicola Cruz, Acid Pauli, Satori; Citron Sucre, who attracted attention with his punk touch to electronic music, stage performance, and style, was with us with his live performances. Mert Arman the half of the Rejimiki project was with us with his DJ Set.

digital cultures festıval
@hangout psm, Izmır

For the last five years, the "Novembre Numerique" events, presented by the Institut français in 70 countries and 100 different cities, will be held in Izmir under the title of "Digital Cultures Festival" for the first time.

Digital Cultures Festival which offers content such as technology, digital art, and electronic music happened in Turkey for the first time with the Publiko organization and Institut français İzmir, Kendi Has, and Hangout PSM's support. 


The guest of the event from France was Romane Santarelli, who completed the summer of 2021 with a European tour and gave her first performance in Turkey, while the other guests of the evening were the synth-pop pioneers Jakuzi and the electronic-psychedelic band Lalalar.

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